Sunday, 4 November 2012

Counting the days.... contract in London will finish soon and I will miss working in the heart of things, walking through the parks, past Buckingham Palace and into Westminster. I WON'T miss the tube trains, the bewildered tourists and being tired all the time! However, I've met some lovely people and feel really grateful for the opportunity - something I didn't think I get again at my age! It's also been a great insight into what MLH does in his work and proved to us that we can work really well together and have fun doing it.

Soon I will be able to concentrate fully on I Love My Home and producing more lovely, unique accents and furnishings for the home and I can hardly wait. I've got lots of projects lined up so keep watching and I'll keep blogging!


  1. Can hardly wait to see what you'll be making. I envy you being able to live in London. After reading so many books by English authors with the store centered in London I'd so love to see it for myself.
    Happy Week.

  2. Actually I live about 30 miles North of London and in a comparatively rural area! But it's nice to have the option of being in the city or the county. For instance, last night I walked past Downing Street, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament on my way to Covent Garden and all the West End theatres on my way to a restaurant for dinner. Everything looked so beautiful in the crisp autumn evening and Covent Garden market was dressed for Christmas! Then, this afternoon I am going to a local village to look at a house that dates from the 1500s! I'm really lucky to be able to have such contrasts in my life!

    Where are you based? Keep in touch! x


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