Saturday, 13 August 2016

Cuter 'n a little red wagon

I've always loved the phrase 'cuter than a little red wagon' and today I found something that truly is 'cuter……' etc.

This morning we picked up these odds and ends for a few pounds. We didn't know what we were going to do with them but fell in love with the sweet little wheels and metal handle...

From that point on I can claim no credit for the resulting cuteness.
MLH (My Lovely Husband) put them together with an old wooden box we have been using to store logs by the fire in the Winter...

Even the box was bought a couple of years ago for about a fiver,
so all in all it fits my idea of rustic style for a song!

I mean seriously, how adorable is this?
I can wheel it to the door to load with logs from outside

and then wheel it back into the living room right next to the fireplace. 
No more carrying armfuls of logs for me! 

and all thanks to MLH - love him!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Magic storage solution

You know how it is, you've got books, DVDs etc etc stowed all over the house, you can't get at any of them and you end up not using them. This is my magic storage solution.
It looks like an ordinary cupboard, I bought it for a song and shabbied it up a bit...

Heere's how it ended up, I added an old handle, replaced the back panel and wallpapered it, and it fitted into a space in the garden room…

here's the magic bit, it takes almost no floor space but all my books DVDs and so on have disappeared inside with no trouble. Some are stacked two deep, but even so I couldn't believe how much stuff this little cupboard swallowed up!

Here it is empty...

and here it is full!

I can find what I want easily and then shut the door on it again so the room stays tidy - like I said "Magic"!