Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Rustic kitchen sign.......

well, it's another wet morning here so I've decided to stay indoors and concentrate on painting and making - that makes it sound like a chore but you know the rain is just an excuse to enjoy myself!!

Yesterday I finished a sign for my kitchen, I found out that the barn I work in was originally a dairy so it seemed right to use that idea for my sign....

As usual I was able to find an image from Karen at the Graphics Fairy  which I transferred and then over painted and I used the same technique with the lettering, then a bit of distressing and waxing and...ta da!

my new kitchen sign :) 

Now all I need to do is to redo the whole kitchen!! Lots of plans for walls coming down, moving things around, retiling, reflooring ... the list goes on and on - and then there's the bathroom, bedroom, courtyard, garden room...somebody stop me!!

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