Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Two little cuties...

How do you like these two little cutie patooties?

A vintage Triang tricycle - hands up if you're old enough to remember these, maybe you even had one (I had a scooter and spent many happy hours scooting up and down the pavement outside the house!)...

... and a darling little doll's pram...look at the curly bits on the handle and different sized's so cute.
For the record I loved my doll's pram and I used to push my poor cat up and down the garden in it!
Here's the photographic evidence of me about to commit the terrible deed...

I've looked at this photo hundreds of times and I've only just realised I can see my late Mum's reflection in the window, my goodness this is turning into a trip down memory lane!

Anyway, back to business...these two sweeties will be coming with me to the MK Vintage Fair so come and see them for yourself - and see how I've turned out too - ha ha!

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