Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Suitcase to pet bed makeover

I've been collecting vintage suitcases and trunks for some time and  this one kept going to the back of the queue. It was very badly damaged, the top was hanging off and the handle had fallen off too. It was no good for anything, what was I thinking when I bought it??

Well, sometimes I have to keep looking at a project for a while and then inspiration strikes. If I took off the top, added some sturdy legs, re-attached the handle, lined it with comfy fleece and added a removable, washable pad inside it would make a really cute pet bed, right?

Well, often the things that seem the simplest are the most complicated and take the longest to turn around - and this was no exception! But it's finished now and even the fur babies have given it their approval...

When the snow clears it's off to Afterglow of Olney, February has already been a busy month and there are gaps in my display!

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