Wednesday, 28 October 2015

vintage sack to log carrier

A while ago I acquired some lovely old vintage sacks, full of history but in a condition that showed their age. One of them was dated 1944 and carried the legend "when empty return immediately". Well, whether it was returned or not it has now fallen into my hands and I wanted to turn it into some thing useful. 
As I've said the condition wasn't great so I needed to find a use that suited them.

So many of us now have wood burners and need to carry logs from the outside store to the living room. Often the logs are dirty and can leave resin on your clothes. Not to mention that they are heavy and easily dropped on your foot!

And so, ta da! I present the 'vintage sack log carrying bag' (catchy name isn't it!)

My glamourous assistant is seen here demonstrating that it will hold a good number of logs from the store to the stove...

And above is a close up shot showing the writing (it also has a corn merchant's name on the reverse)...

I put it together using strong jute string and a bodkin needle and hot glued all the loose ends to try and make it as strong as possible. 
The handles are made from hessian upholstery webbing.

We've given it a test run today and it works really well. 
The fur babies certainly approve of the end result...

I've got a couple of other sacks with great vintage writing on them so I might make some more to sell in my space at Afterglow of Olney.

What do you think?


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