Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My walk to work....

......I recently started working in London part time, helping out my husband. This, of course, as well as being a therapist, counsellor, artist, furniture restorer, vintage dealer, housewife, mother to two very demanding furbabies etc. etc. In other words: typical woman. But I digress, if I get off the Tube one stop early I can walk though Green Park and St James's Park, past Buckingham Palace and the Guardsmen to the office. Not a bad walk to start the day eh?
On the way I sometimes bump into these guys....

.....now, if you're in the States maybe this may not seem very exciting, but this is very exotic in the UK. The pelicans have been a feature in St James's Park for years and are very beautiful. The funny thing is that squirrels are two-a-penny in the UK but all the tourists bypass the pelicans and are entranced by the squirrels! They are particularly bold in the park and will run up your leg or jump onto your hand or into your pocket for food (the squirrels, not the tourists....although some are very friendly...)

so I thought I'd share these pictures with you because I think the pelicans are lovely with the most delightful expressions. OK there is an urban myth (I think) that they occasionally snap up a pigeon or two in their beaks but I think we can afford to lose a pigeon here or there....ooh, contentious!

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