Monday, 7 January 2013

Don't try to teach a pig to sing... wastes your time and annoys the pig. This is my first attempt at digital art and one of my favourite sayings. 

For all those girls who believe that they can change their men and, by doing so, live happily ever after - it ain't never gonna happen ladies...

Am I right? comments please....

Many thanks to Karen at the Graphics Fairy for the images!

On a lighter note (!) ages ago I gave you a little glimpse of a project I was working on:

now, with the festive season, MLH starting a big new job and down right procrastination, it's taken until now to show you the final article - I'm calling it the Fabulous table:

I think it's gorgeous with its curvy lines and Empire style legs (they even have little oval decorative plaques at the top) so I've finished it French style (of course!) to look like it's been standing in a deserted chateau for a hundred years or so...

this is a detail of the lower shelf showing the crackle finish and below is a close up of the leg detail

Do you love it?


  1. OH boy is that a can of worms or what? I can say that some of their behaviors can be moderated to some degree with very delicate strategies. It's taken me 44 yrs. and I'm still working on some things. But that makes things interesting. After all we're old what else do we have to do? lol
    Wonder what hubs would say about me? Maybe I don't really want to know.

  2. Boy, you're telling me!! I love this quote and my husband has started using it in business too - maybe that's some sort of compliment?!

  3. HI Kerry - Hubs and I have been married 44 yrs. we're still learning about each other. He's done some accomodating me on some things over the years but we both still have our stubborn points but have learned how to tolerate them. And of course I've learned to bend for some things for him. We have a nice quiet life. I do my crafts, spend alot of hours on this machine reading excellent blogs like yours. He does almost all the cooking and helps with the baking and house cleaning. We're two older folks, I'm 72, he's 71.
    We didn't know each other well at all, we met at a laundry/dry cleaners where I worked by an Air Force base in Tucson, AZ/US. I lost my job a few months later but a friend found him again and let him know I was looking for him, we had talked alot when he'd bring in his uniforms and do his laundry.
    We had our first date on 10/18/68, got married 11/30/68; on 12/26/68 he left for Viet Nam. 44 yrs later we're still hanging in there together. I sincerely hope yours is a happy, contented marriage and life. Sounds like you keep quite busy. I so love to be able to talk with people in other countries. especially England.
    I love that table you redid, the style and color you used are perfect for that table. I'm a table and chair nut, (among other things). Hope you'll comment back to me at: We have a dog and a cat which we're ridiculously in love with. We have four kids/6 grandkids but they seem to think they're too busy for us. Two of "kids" live fairly close by. Cheers

  4. Hi! how nice to hear from you. I love to hear success stories about marriage especially when it has been through challenges like war. So many of my friends have a downer on marriage and men and that's so sad. I think the secrets are 1. find the right person and don't 'settle' and 2. treat each other the way you'd like to be treated. I feel that many marriages fail because people can be selfish/lazy and only consider how things will affect them and not their partner. Wow that sounds harsh! Respect and honesty (with a big helping of humour!) are so important. I have been with MLH for 22 years and we still feel we are in the honeymoon period. I have done various types of work but I love making a comfortable home for us both and I Love My Home has come from that.


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