Monday, 21 January 2013

Printed lavender and hop pillows...

I found an unopened bag of dried hops the other day and another of dried lavender so I decided to make some sleep-inducing  herb-filled pillows, but what fabric to use?

Well, I had some plain calico and decided to print directly onto it by sticking it to an A4 sheet of card with some double sided tape:

I created some designs from images I found on the Graphic Fairy website (thanks as always Karen!), held my breath and put it through the printer...

et voila! I sewed them up and...

filled them with the dried herbs...

and here's the result:

cute little vintagey, Frenchy pillows to help you sleep!

I experimented with larger (A4) sized printouts...

and love the result, but I haven't decided how to use this fabric yet,
they would make lovely panels sewn into  a linen cushion cover but even I have to admit we already have too many cushions!

by the way...I also used Karen's images to make a cute label to put inside the cellophane bags with the lavender and hop pillows!

you like?

Leaving you today with a quote from Victor Hugo:

'Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age'

comments anyone?


  1. I like! Could do with one of those hop pillows right now! (via Graphics Fairy!) Love the Hugo quote.

  2. glad you like it! thanks for commenting

  3. Congratulations Kerry, I visited your blog today and saw that it is wonderful with very inspiring ideas and projects. I have a blog too and I am sure that my visiting your page will halp me finding beautiful and useful things. Love and Kisses from Athens Greece...Helen Paparaptis.

    1. Thanks Helen, how lovely to hear from you - I will pop over and visit your blog...


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