Friday, 28 June 2013

Shabby Brocante storage crate...

I love these wooden crates, they're great for stacking and storing and the possibilities for transforming them are endless. In a previous post I showed you how I 'shabbied' and 'Frenchied' some to use in my kitchen to store boring things like kitchen roll. They're really decorative and, if you're listening William Morris, they're useful AND beautiful - just what I Love My Home is all about! So here's the original crate...

halfway through the transformation...

and the finished I've seen this on screen, I'm going to distress the lettering a little - the paint looks too fresh to me!

in this detail you can see the ribbons, heart buttons and a piece of stamped vintage silk ribbon I used...

and here's a later photo showing the crate with a little more distressing and, underneath, it's sister which I covered in paper for a different look...

and for fans of the furbabies, here's what they were doing whilst I was making pretty things...
Nice life huh?


  1. Your fur babies are so sweet, all curled up together, so scene stealing huh?
    Love your crate, pretty nifty I'd say. Such fun to snazzy something so simple up.

    1. Thanks! I love these little items, they're so useful and so rustic... and, as I'm trying to type, one of the furbabies is walking on the keyboard so I'll leaver you with this message from him: adgy o$66v x xnmsa-78%^&!

  2. Hey, that's my box! :) i store my books in it,
    I love it!
    And I love your make overs!
    I hope you're all okay, and the car is doing well :)

  3. Hi! everything is great thanks, so glad you're still enjoying the crate and finding it useful. If you get the chance, pop over to Afterglow of Olney to see more lovely makeovers and vintage items. Hope all is going well with you (saw your lovely new furbabies on FB - too cute!)


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