Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Vintage as Therapy!

I feel I'm finally get a little strength and movement in my broken elbow - well it's only been three and a half months :(  So today I went a little bit mad and got back into my workroom...

This mirror is one of the few things I chose to keep when my Mum died and I've always love the design but not the colour. It's only some kind of resin so I wasn't worried about ruining some Renaissance masterpiece as I started to paint!

I dabbed it on anyhow and added some water and PVA glue to the mix, then dried it super fast with my hairdryer to create a few cracks and make it look aged, added some clear and dark wax and bingo!

here it is on my matching French Rococo bed. This bed was my first auction buy and painting project from years ago and I still love it!

Anyway, I was so impressed with myself that I got the sewing machine out and made this ticking apron for my friend Helen who's a chef. It has her initials on it but I couldn't figure out how to flip the photo - doh!

 All in all, I'm rather pleased with myself! Maybe we should have 'Vintage' on the NHS as physical and mental therapy?

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