Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Amazing Frozen Shoulder Treatment

I know this isn't what I would normally blog about but bear with me....If you have a frozen shoulder or know someone who does, this could be really useful so please read on (if not, then feel free to think about kittens or chocolate - my personal favourites - or whatever floats your boat).

OK, if you're a regular viewer then you might know I had a catastrophic elbow/arm/ankle accident eight months ago from which I'm still recovering. I also suffered a traumatic frozen shoulder which was not diagnosed until much later. The advice I was given was that frozen shoulders get better on their own in about TWO OR THREE YEARS! 

'No way!' I thought and did my own research...and found Hydrodilatation, a quick procedure done under local anaesthetic in about five minutes. The surgeon injects 40ml of saline into the joint capsule to free it up and then you need  to be very conscientious about physiotherapy and exercise for a few weeks to get the best result.

I had it done less than two weeks ago and already have loads more movement which means I can use my arm much more normally. I'm exercising at home and in the pool so I'm sure this will improve even further. It also means I can do more rehab on my broken elbow which is a bonus.

I'm sharing this because I had to find out about it on my own. It doesn't seem to be widely known (my GP had never heard of it) but it is available on the NHS as well as privately.

A frozen shoulder can be a miserable experience. It's painful and can stop you sleeping. You can't dress yourself easily, wash or style your hair or put your earrings in - really basic things. If you're suffering or know someone who is, this could be an answer for you. Good Luck!

p.s normal vintage service will be resumed in the next post!!!

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