Monday, 25 May 2015

Reclaimed dining room table

We're on the home stretch now with the renovation of our new home (18 months and counting), and whilst the kitchen has stalled within sight of the finishing line, the floors were all fitted last week. This involved all the furniture being loaded into the barn for the best part of a week and me being wedged into my workshop for days at a time whilst the floors dried….my clever husband took a business trip to Brussels while all this was going on…. coincidence? I think not…….

Anyway, we needed to replace our dining room table and chairs because the large round set we had just didn't fit any more. I wanted something unique and came up with the idea of taking an old door and mounting it on a table base.

This is the finished article with some beautiful chairs from Maison Hartley that I've been eyeing up for quite some time. I also used an old bench we've had for some time and refinished it and the table base…read on for details…

You can still see the old keyhole and the lovely rustic finish….


We went to the reclaim yard to find the lovely old door and did a LOT of sanding and stripping….

We also bought an old table and removed the top (I'll use it for something else before long, of course)….

A coat of ASCP French Linen was followed by diluted PVA glue and a coat of Autentico Velvet paint in Bath Stone and blasted with a hot hairdryer…. then my favourite waxes: Autentico clear and taupe (I like the taupe because it has a lovely texture and doesn't look so patchy and 'grubby' as some of the darker waxes).

Also, I like to apply waxes with a sponge and buff off with a piece of old sheepskin fleece - I just find it works really well…

and the whole process gives a lovely chippy, crackly finish….

So, to save you scrolling back to the top, here is the finished article

I couldn't be more pleased with it and I have to give masses of credit to my lovely husband who not only puts up with my crazy ideas but helps me to make them come true!

Let me know what you think x

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