Wednesday, 20 July 2016

My newest quilt.....

Oh my word, quilting is addictive. I can't stop collecting vintage fabric with a view to making more and more quilts and throws.

here's my latest, I love working in pale colours and this random selection of fabrics with a floral theme spoke to me, I used a lot of the fabrics on the reverse side to give a soft, faded look

It also gave me the excuse to use this large white bobble trim I have been hoarding

I used hydrangea flowers cut from a larger piece of fabric for some of the squares and then used long strips of the same pattern to make a border

I like to add a 'Homemade' label to each piece I make to remind me that I am not in pursuit of perfection, just pleasure.


  1. Your quilt is what I love so much, old fashioned fabrics. Seems like older I get (76 today) the more I need to see that, for comfort, revive old memories. Where do you find vintage fabrics? Do you have special sources online at Etsy stores or? Do you have special sewing machine for quilting? The pom-pom fringe trim is so cute on this quilt.
    I have a Brother sewing machine I got late last year, have barely used it, really enjoy sewing, making things for our home. Love your handmade labels you put on your quilt, makes them even more special. Do you have sewing room apart from other rooms in your home?
    My sewing room has gotten to be dumping ground for whatever can't figure out where to put, am ashamed of myself for letting it get to be a total mess, is very small room anyway so doesn't take much to mess it up. My problem is needing much more storage. Need storage shed just for my "stuff", lol. (or maybe a whole lot less stuff?)
    Have been wanting to make a quilt for long time, never seem to get started, winter is good time here (we live about 18 miles west of Grand Junction, CO) to work on things like a quilt. Can't crochet anymore due to arthritis in hands and wrists so want to do something to keep my hands busy, out of cookie jar, and off this machine for while. Too easy to plop down here and before I know it too much of day or night has gone by. Want to get in habit of doing sewing or some paper crafting. Have great weekend


  2. How good to hear from you and I hope you had a great birthday. I get a lot of my fabrics from car boot sales (I think this is like a US garage sale or maybe swap meet) where people get together to clear out all their unwanted items. I find lots of old embroidered linens, curtain fabrics and so on and don't mind if they're damaged because I can cut them up without ruining a good piece. I don't have a special machine and I make up my quilts as I go along just adding what ever I feel and often just working by eye rather than measuring and worrying about tiny triangles, squares or whatever. I like the creativity of this and would love to hear that you just sat down at your machine and starting sewing bits and pieces together to see what you come up with - let yourself go, there are no mistakes!! I work on the kitchen table, my husband is very understanding *;) winking, but I'm thinking of making a proper sewing area in my bedroom. Take care and have a good weekend, I'll be out hunting for mores treasures and, of course, fabrics! x


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