Sunday, 11 June 2017

Latest treasure hunt...

Met a couple of contacts yesterday who source brocante from France and look what I came home with…

A gorgeous pair of hand carved sabots, they look child sized but may have been for a very petite woman I suppose...

They really are adorable…

And just so you know you're getting value for money from your reading… here's a little known fact to use at your next dinner party… did you know the words 'saboteur' and sabotage' come from the practice of French workers jamming factory machines by throwing their clogs into the mechanism to stop production?

Next up is this gorgeous and very heavy picture frame. So ornate, I can't decide whether to add a mirror or simply fill it with antique fabric or paper …ideas please?

Then this lovely bottle arrived, very large and heavy and such a beautiful colour

And then, this little key cupboard shaped like a terrace of houses, 
too cute!

All this and a pretty French coffee pot which I can see filled with wild flowers

A good morning's work x 


  1. Oh my, would so love to find a gorgeous bottle like yours. So hard to find where I live, if I do is way over my budget. Have always been attracted to colored glass. All your finds are treasures, enjoy them.


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