Sunday, 11 June 2017

Can't stop quilting…..

I know it's easy to be wise after the event, but why didn't I realise quilting and patching would be so addictive?

Of course I can't be lugging around a whole quilt to work on all the time, but there are always scraps of fabric to use up and no piece is too small to be useful. That's why I'm addicted I think, it appeals to my hate of wasting resources and love of creating something out of nothing.

So here's a little beauty I just made. About 6 by 4 inches and embellished with a scrap of fabric on which I printed the first line of "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier. The quote is about dreaming because the pillow is filled with lavender which I picked and dried from last years garden. I keep it under my pillow to send me off to sleep...

and here's the reverse...

I went on to make a couple more of these for friends to use as sachets for their linen cupboards or as sleep inducing pillows.
For the sleep pillows I also mix dried hops into the filling for their soporific effect.

Hope you like x

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