Friday, 3 August 2012

Chests of Drawers - before and after...

...I'm afraid you'll have to blame my bad photography for this one - here's the 'before' photo of this lovely old chest of drawers that one of my friends was going to throw out after she remodelled her bathroom. I swapped it for a massage so we were both happy!, in the next photo it doesn't look much different but, trust me on this, it does in the flesh!
Quite a lot of ASCP in Old White, some wax, a lot of elbow grease and all the pretty handles off and on again (some twice because I got them the wrong way round - Doh!)

 ...I lost the 'before' photo of this one but you I'm sure you can imagine it covered in dark brown varnish and rather boring so... I duplicated the method above and really love it now. I particularly like the 'fluted' details down the sides which you couldn't really see before...

...both these items were such solid, well made pieces that I couldn't bear to see them wasted. Hopefully someone else will use them for many years to come now!


  1. Hi,
    I'm visiting from the Graphics Fairy. Your chest of drawers is beautiful beyond words. You did an amazing job with your transformation and the little applique is so pretty.

  2. Thanks Cindy, you're so kind to comment - I always love to hear from friends all over the world - Kerry


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