Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Duck egg shelf and 'antique' shutter....

I picked up this pretty shelf unit and immediately I could see it painted in a very pale duck egg blue...

...so, I mixed some up to get exactly the colour I wanted and here she is...

...a little bit of distressing and some wax and she's ready to go! However, whenever I see this colour I always want to add pale pink, hand painted roses - I don't know why, they just seem to go together - but try as I might, I can't get the hang of painting them. Now bearing in mind I have sold my paintings at exhibitions etc, I should find this easy but they just don't turn out how I see them in my mind's eye. Maybe I'll decoupage or transfer some roses - we'll see...

By the way, in the background is my 'antique French' shutter made from an old louvre door picked up for a pound - that's the kind of recycling I like!


  1. Hi Kerry - love the shelves and I've just done the identical colour on a set that I want to sell as well - living on Exmoor I'm having a bit of trouble finding sales outlets - any tips you can pass on?
    Thanks a million and looking forward to your next piece! Karen

    1. Aw thanks Karen! my motto is: 'if you don't ask, you don't get' so I'd say go to places where you'd like to see your stuff and be proactive about promoting yourself. Everything I've achieved has been by making the extra effort that other people couldn't be bothered to do. You know how it is - sometimes people will look at what you've produced and say 'I could have done that' but then I just ask them 'did you, though?' If you keep making the extra effort you'll get where you want to be - you go girl! Keep in touch, Kerry

    2. Hi Karen, I've been thinking about sales outlets and I'm wondering if you have any vintage fairs down your way? If not, why not start one? Imagine how popular you'll be with all the other 'shabby chicers'!

    3. Hi Kerry - thanks for the replies - I've found a Vintage Fair fairly locally so will go and have a look to see if my 'stuff' might fit in (or be allowed!) - I've also managed to sell quite a bit on Folksy... by the way, any tips on find a REASONABLE courier service for larger/heavier/bulkier pieces??


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