Tuesday, 5 March 2013

back at home...

hi everyone, can't tell you how great it is to be back at home after an unexpected week in hospital. a simple slip meant lying on the floor for one and a quarter hours waiting for an ambulance, 6 hours in A and E, a four day wait for surgery and then a complicated operation to rebuild, pin and plate my elbow. i also broke my ankle so i was about as mobile as a beetle turned over on it's back! i can only one finger type so i've given up on upper case letters etc so please bear with me!
i'm so grateful for MLH, family and friends who've given practical and emotional help whilst trying to cope with their own busy lives. Helen has always been a true friend whenever i have been in need and she and Kim had me helpless with laughter when a few hours before i had been helpless with tears as the shock of what i'd done sank in. 

mum and dad in law jumped into action providing food, laundry and a lovely manicure (the sort of thing you don't think is important until you realise how much better you feel afterwards)

my darling husband (only a few weeks into a big new job) has been a total star, nothing is too much trouble for him and his new company have been superbly understanding.

Sharon and the gang from the MK handmade and vintage fair have been keeping my spirits up, i was all geared up to take my latest collection to the fair when everything went pear shaped so i was very disappointed but they always keep me smiling: 'vintage' people are the best! and just look what they sent me today!!!
huge thanks to sharon, suzanne, katie, diane and the ever patient jacqui! these really made my day and were just what i would have chosen for myself, my one-handed photography really can't do them justice - bless you girls...

i also have the services of a carer to help me twice a day and she is wonderful, nothing phases her and she is efficient and smiling.

before i go today i'd like to share the slight downside: i have a lot of therapy and recovery ahead and i have to inject myself in the stomach daily for six weeks with blood thinners to avoid blood clots. however these things will pass and lots of people are so much worse off, i certainly can't complain - i'm very lucky to have the care available and there are people throughout the world with so little access to medical care that we take for granted.

on a lighter note... take a look at the hospital food below. one of these is a fish dish - can you spot it?

it's the last one!

As i am coeliac, and because i think it's important, i like to eat 'clean', i don't eat processed/fast food and always cook from scratch, once again i was lucky to have family and friends bringing in fruit salads and smoothies.....made all the difference!

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