Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Shabby chic fire screen...

...i started work on this project before my accident and have managed to finish it one-handed so i'm very pleased with myself!

our open fireplace creates a very cold draught when it's not lit so i wanted to create a fire screen to block it and also to pretty it up in the summer time...
i'd been looking at these ornate decorative gates/screens/wall art at tk maxx for a while and one day they were in clearance...well, it'd be rude not to wouldn't it? this one and a smaller one cost £12! i spray painted them in antique white, distressed them and attached this one to a piece of painted ply...

...many thanks have to go to MLH's father, Michael (i guess that makes him MLFIL) who provided the ply, cut it and fashioned the little feet for me - there's still only so much i can do with one arm! i was determined to put all the pieces together myself and here's the finished product...

i think it works really well and complements the room perfectly - check out the fab new addition that MLH gave me for valentine's, easter, birthday, anniversary, christmas etc for at least the next year...this gorgeous armoire was an impulse buy but could have been made for the room and is a real keeper - it's just what i've always wanted and will work in any room in any future house...

another couple of views....

i love it!


  1. Kerry,
    I love your screen, and your all white decor is so stylish. Blessings, Trisha

  2. thank you trisha, i'm so glad you like it!

  3. I love your fireguard and your stylish room. Well done!
    All the best with anymore home improvements, it's given me inspiration, thanks


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